Learn French, Level 1 - Part 2 St George & Sutherland Community College

Learn French, Level 1 - Part 2

This French Level 1 – Part 2 course is a continuing of French Level 1 – Part 1. Acquire conversational skills in languages other than English. These courses are based primarily on the acquisition of conversational skills. These courses are geared to the potential tourist, business person and those wishing to improve communication with friends or family who have a non-English speaking background. Discover the culture of each nation. Many courses require the purchase of a textbook.

Level 1, 6 months prior learning of the language necessary.

Course Outline:

  • Revision. Simple personal questions Workbook
  • Revision. Directions Workbook
  • Revision. Talking about yourself and family Workbook
  • Revision. Money Workbook
  • Revision. Going to the doctor Video and workbook
  • Revision. Problems for tourists. Workbook
  • Revision. I’ve lost my passport!
  • Revision of semester

Course Outcomes:

  • Students able to ask and answer personal questions
  • Students able to ask and give directions
  • Students able to discuss personal information about themselves and family
  • Students able to buy and handle money in local context
  • Students able to identify body parts, illnesses and medical requitements
  • Students able to deal with police, ambulance, fire etc for emergencies
  • Students able to handle loss of documentation and dealing with relevant agencies
  • Students to go over semester work. Bring up issues they wish to discuss


  • You will need to purchase Getting started in French ISBN 978-1-4441-7459-5 beginners book
  • Please bring a pen and paper.

About our Tutors:

Fatima – Fatima is a French native speaker; she has 17 years of teaching French in different community colleges. She loves the French language and its culture. She often travels to France to spend time with family and she recently spent a week in “Le Touquet ” in the North of France which she loved very much.
She provides a multi-media experience for language acquisition, which includes use of video, role play and literature.

Georgette – Bonjour, I am a native French speaker and I look forward to igniting your passion to learn by sharing my knowledge and appreciation of French language and culture. I will use class conversations, online media and songs in a relaxed and fun environment.

Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
  • All courses need a minimum number of students to run ("we try our hardest to get those") . If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled before the commencement and you will be informed.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.