English Testimonials St George & Sutherland Community College

English Testimonials


At SGSCC English we love receiving testimonials from our students who hail from both domestic and international locations.

Gain an insight into our student’s thoughts on their courses.

"friendly and helpful staff made me feel very welcome"


I am happy to have the chance to give my feelings about St George and Sutherland Community College. The friendly and helpful staff made me feel very welcome right from the start. As a young person coming from France, this was great for me.

The college has excellent courses taught by skilled people who have looked after my needs in written and spoken English. The classes are always great because the teachers do interesting and fun activities.

I am glad to have had the chance to spend some time in this college which has not only taught me English and about life in Australia but also helped me to make friends who I will never forget.

"has helped me feel better within myself"


This course has helped me feel better within myself as I suffer from depression and social anxiety. I enjoy coming to class and enjoy the teachers. I have made new friends. I feel more relaxed and less stressed and I feel more confident in social situations and this is due to enrolling in this course.

I would recommend this community college to anyone wanting to learn new things, socialise and make new friends. Thank you

"I go home happy every day"


I am new to Australia and so I came to learn English but ended up meeting amazing people. We meet on the weekends and go out together. I didn’t expect this to happen. I have improved my English but most of all I have wonderful new friends. I go home happy every day.

"we work harmoniously and learn a lot"


I enjoy coming to class. My classmates are friendly and we all help each other and have fun together. I have learnt so much about computers. I hope the classes continue as they are now as we work harmoniously and learn a lot.

"I have improved in a really short time"


My boss sent me to do this course because he said my communication skills were not good. He let me have time off work and even paid for the course. I have improved in a really short time and he has given me better work to do.