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International Education agents

Education Agents

Education agents promote various Australian education programs and institutions internationally and are a good way for students to apply to study in Australia.

Agents are experienced in making international student applications and applying for visas. Most speak both English and the local language so this makes the application process a lot simpler and generally hassle free for our students and parents.

However, some agents do charge small amounts or offer additional services for which they charge.

Please note: Although able to assist in completing education and visa applications, Education Agents are NOT licensed to provide migration advice.

Become Our Representative

SGSCC International works very closely with our Agents to provide a safe and professional environment where our students can learn and thrive in Australia.

If you would like to become an SGSCC International representative, please complete the

Once you have completed the following form, email back to along with all supporting documents, including; company registration details, relevant qualifications, client and college testimonials or references.

When you become a registered agent, you will receive a letter authorising you to act as SGSCC International representative and an agent certificate.