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Make a Donation

Your donation today will make a difference to people with disabilities, supporting those most vulnerable, and enriching our community.

Focused on ensuring that people typically marginalized by society have a sense of community belonging and acceptance, SGSCC Foundation supports people with intellectual, mental health, and physical disabilities.

A nonprofit entity with Deductible Gift Recipient status, SGSCC Foundation also funds programs for senior citizens and provides social opportunities for people experiencing isolation.

We believe that every person, irrespective of age, cultural identity, and physical and intellectual capability should have access to lifelong learning in a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment.

SGSCC Jannali - Courtyard Upgrade

This year, our focus is on enhancing the college courtyard, fostering a welcoming environment where individuals can connect, study, eat, and forge friendships amid the beauty of the outdoors. Our commitment lies in fostering a community spirit and establishing a haven of inclusivity regardless of age, cultural background, or physical and cognitive abilities.  

Our plans encompass:

  • Creating Accessible Pathways: Ensuring that all areas of the courtyard are accessible to individuals with mobility challenges, including smooth, wide paths and strategically placed ramps.
  • Installing Inclusive Seating Areas: Providing a variety of seating options that cater to diverse needs, from quiet study nooks to large communal tables, all designed with comfort and accessibility in mind.
  • Building a Sensory Garden: Designing a garden that engages all senses, with aromatic plants, textured surfaces, and visual displays to create a calming and stimulating environment for everyone.
    Enhancing Outdoor Learning Spaces: Developing shaded areas equipped with outdoor furniture and Wi-Fi, facilitating a seamless blend of nature and study.
  • Implementing Eco-Friendly Landscaping: Using sustainable practices and native plants to create a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly garden that supports local wildlife.

The SGSCC Foundation seeks your support for this inclusive endeavour. We appeal to your generosity to aid in the renovation of our courtyard.

Should you wish to contribute, kindly select any of the donation options provided below.

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As the SGSCC Foundation holds charitable status, donations exceeding $2 are eligible for tax deduction.

We sincerely appreciate your support and contributions.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Bernadette Mills