SchoolAge Testimonials St George & Sutherland Community College

SchoolAge Testimonials


SGSCC SchoolAge have a dynamic parent body who are actively involved in our continuous improvement program through providing valuable feedback which we take into consideration when designing SchoolAge Educational Courses.

We receive every term a plethora of testimonials, please see below for a sample from our selection.

"From not liking school to advancing to the extension group"

Margo, Parent of Year 4 Student

My son returns home from his Maths & English classes feeling reinvigorated and in a positive frame of mind. He has gone from not liking school to advancing to the extension group. Thank you for all your help, it is very much appreciated.

"Offered her first choice St George Girl’s High School"

Mark, Parent of Year 6 Student

Alicia loved attending the Preparation for Selective High course. I am so appreciative of her teacher John, he made all the difference and I am happy to say she has been offered her first choice St George Girl’s High School.

"It makes such a difference"

Amy, Year 9 Student

I have been coming to maths classes for 2 years and it makes such a difference. I actually understand my work now.

"HSC made easy"

Ash, Year 12 student

Studying Math and English at SGSCC for my HSC years gave me confidence in my ability to do well. The teachers’ explanations and guidance enable me to gain the ATAR I wanted.