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Disability My Support

My Support

SGSCC disAbility promotes Person Centred Active Support practices.

Your choices could be:

  • Support in your home
  • Support in your work
  • Personal care support
  • Social support
  • Group based supports
  • Support in a local community area

SGSCC disAbility promotes Person Centred Active Support practices. The term ‘person-centred’ describes service and supports that are centred on an individual and their strengths, needs, interests and goals. Person-centred service delivery ensures that people with disability lead and direct the services and supports they use. Active Support is the way SGSCC disAbility staff provide support. The theories of active support are: Little and Often, Every Moment has Potential, Graded Assistance to ensure Success and Maximising Choice and Control.

Person-centred approaches ensure that clients are at the centre of service design, planning, delivery and review. The Client shapes and directs services and support arrangements to suit their strengths, needs and goals with the support of families, friends, carers, advocates and their circle of support. Our client management system iPlanit provides the opportunity for real time tracking of outcomes and goals.