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About SGSCC Foundation

Empowering people with disabilities, supporting those most vulnerable, and enriching our community.

SGSCC Foundation was established to support people with disabilities and others who face barriers in social and civic participation.

Focused on ensuring that people typically marginalized by society have a sense of community belonging and acceptance, SGSCC Foundation supports people with intellectual, mental health, and physical disabilities.

A nonprofit entity with Deductible Gift Recipient status, SGSCC Foundation also funds programs for senior citizens and provides social opportunities for people experiencing isolation.

We believe that every person, irrespective of age, cultural identity, and physical and intellectual capability should have access to lifelong learning in a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment.

SGSCC Jannali - Garden Upgrade

SGSCC has an exciting project to upgrade the front garden at its Jannali Campus, creating an inviting space for people to meet, eat and drink and build friendships while enjoying a beautiful outdoor space.  

We are dedicated to creating a sense of community, a place of belonging and acceptance for all, irrespective of age, cultural identity, and physical and intellectual capability.  

We plan to:

  • Create extra areas for people to sit and enjoy their breaks
  • Remove the old tired tables and benches and add new ones
  • Add a book depository for all to share 
  • Add a food depository for all to share
  • Add more plants

The SGSCC FOUNDATION is reaching out to you to support this inclusive initiative. We ask that you open your heart and contribute to the front garden upgrade.

If you are able to kindly donate please click any of the donation options below

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The SGSCC Foundation is a registered charity, therefore all donations over $2 are tax-deductible

Yours with much gratitude

Bernadette Mills