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CEO message

CEO's Message

St George & Sutherland Community College is an Adult Community Education Provider committed to the promotion of the lifelong learning for the people in our community. Adult Community Education began in the St George area in the 1930’s with a centre in Hurstville. This was followed by a centre at Port Hacking High School in the Sutherland Shire in 1958. By 1990 all of the small centres within the region were amalgamated to form the existing St George & Sutherland Community College.

St George & Sutherland Community College (SGSCC) is proud to present SGSCC International, a division dedicated to international students. We are the first Community College in Australia to venture into CRICOS VET.

SGSCC has more than thirty years’ experience in Vocational Education. Our long experience, excellent record and not for profit status sets SGSCC International apart.

SGSCC International is dedicated to providing quality accredited Vocational Education and Training to international students. We are well respected for our academic achievements, professionalism and our caring environment. With our extensive networks,

SGSCC International assures you a bona fide Australian multicultural experience.

SGSCC has been successful in assisting students with pathways into vocational and academic studies and providing opportunities for work placement for many years.

I encourage you to have a rewarding learning experience in Sydney with SGSCC International and assure you that you will be made most welcome.

At SGSCC we care, we care about Education and we care about our students.

Bernadette Mills

Chief Executive Officer

SGSCC International

(St George & Sutherland Community College Incorporated Trading as SGSCC International)