Understanding Dementia St George & Sutherland Community College

Understanding Dementia

Dementia significantly affects memory, thinking, and social abilities. This non-accredited, two-hour course, "Understanding Dementia," aims to provide a concise overview of dementia, its causes, symptoms, and management strategies. Designed for caregivers, healthcare professionals, and those interested in better understanding this condition, it offers practical insights and tips.

Course Objectives:
•    Define dementia and differentiate it from normal aging.
•    Explore the various types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.
•    Discuss common symptoms and stages of dementia.
•    Understand risk factors and potential causes.
•    Learn about current treatments and management strategies.
•    Offer practical tips for communication and care.

Course Content:

1. Introduction to Dementia:
•    Definition and differentiation from normal aging.
•    Statistics and prevalence.

2. Types of Dementia:
•    Overview of types, focusing on Alzheimer’s, vascular, and Lewy body dementia.
•    Case studies.

3. Symptoms and Stages:
•    Common symptoms: memory loss, confusion, mood changes.
•    Stages: early, middle, and late.

4. Causes and Risk Factors:
•    Genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

5. Diagnosis and Treatment:
•    Diagnostic methods: history, exams, tests, imaging.
•    Current treatments and ongoing research.

6. Management and Caregiving:
•    Daily care routines and communication strategies.
•    Managing behavioural symptoms.
•    Support systems for caregivers.

7. Practical Tips and Resources:
•    Creating a safe environment.
•    Activities to stimulate cognitive function.
•    Additional resources and support networks.

8. Q&A Session:
•    Open floor for questions and sharing experiences.

Course Methodology:
•    Interactive lectures with visual aids.
•    Group discussions and practical demonstrations.
•    Access to resources and handouts.

Target Audience:
•    Family members and caregivers.
•    Healthcare professionals.
•    Anyone interested in learning about dementia.

Benefits of Attending:
•    Gain an understanding of dementia and its impact.
•    Learn practical skills for improving quality of life.
•    Connect with others facing similar challenges.
•    Access resources and ongoing support.

Participants will leave with enhanced confidence in caring for and communicating with individuals with dementia, equipped with knowledge and practical strategies.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.