Did you miss out on formal English grammar in school? Does your lack of confidence in writing hamper your work or personal life? This practical course will help you learn the basic concepts and principles of English grammar and punctuation and learn to solve some of the common problems that everyone encounters when writing.

This course is designed for fluent speakers of English.

Course Content:

The following topics may be covered throughout the course (However due to the flexible nature of Adult Education, the curriculum will be tailored to suit individual needs):

  • Identification of the 9 parts of speech
  • Appropriate usage of the 9 parts of speech
  • Active and passive voice
  • Phrases and clauses to construct effective sentences
  • Sentence structure
  • Identification and purpose of punctuation marks
  • Appropriate usage of punctuation marks
  • Rules and conventions
  • Definition of key terminology
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Word choice


Students will be required to bring the following:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Electronic translator or dictionary
  • All other resources are provided