STEP - Performing Arts St George & Sutherland Community College

STEP - Performing Arts

Performing arts is a creative form of artistic expression. Arts, such as dance, drama, and music are explored in this course through solo or group performances in a supportive group environment. An example of a solo performance would be an activity such as singing your favourite song with the help of a karaoke machine, with each student taking a turn. An example of a drama activity in a group would be a game of charades where the objective is to guess what character, movie, TV show or book your opposing team is acting out (without talking). All activities encourage self-expression and build confidence with an emphasis on having fun.

Educational Outcomes:

Participation and exploration of skills related to Performing Arts. Development of confidence in presentation of performances. STEP into Performing Arts to broaden your performance skills, to develop your confidence and to enjoy the performances of others in the group.

The STEP program is for persons with an intellectual disability. This course runs for 2 hours per week and is run from our Jannali site.

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