Consumer Protection Policy St George & Sutherland Community College

Consumer Protection Policy

Consumer Protection Policy

St George & Sutherland Community College (SGSCC) will:

  • Fully inform potential and current students about our products and services so that they are able to make informed decisions.
  • Assist students to choose a course that is the “right fit” for their needs.
  • Ensure student enrolment processes are tailored to specifics of particular courses so that students understand course requirements and are able to provide adequate information, so that the College can provide a quality training experience.
  • Provide a fair and efficient complaints and appeals process for general and academic complaints.
  • Guarantee completion of training services as per compliance requirements for accredited training, Government funding contracts and our refunds, withdrawals and fees policies.
  • Maintain appropriate insurances including public liability insurance.
  • Maintain and manage compliance with other legislation that protects our students by creating a positive learning environment – including Work, Health and Safety, Harassment and Anti-Bullying, Anti-discrimination, Working with Children, Privacy and Copyright.

SGSCC is committed to seeking, listening and responding to feedback and early resolution of issues as part of identifying opportunities for improvement.

Students have the right to raise concerns or make a complaint to regulatory and contractual bodies including NSW State Training Services, NSW Fair Trading, ASQA and the Ombudsman.