HSC Textiles/High School Sewing - Ages 12 - 18 St George & Sutherland Community College

HSC Textiles/High School Sewing - Ages 12 - 18

Does your child need help with their textiles work at school or would love to sew and get creative? This is a fun social class with a focus on building sewing skills and specialised techniques. HSC students welcome to work on their major work in class and learn new skills to apply to their project.

Most high school age children will have a sewing component as part of the school curriculum. A great deal of students will have had no exposure to sewing prior to this, but will be required to undertake an assessment throughout year 7 and 8. In my experience as a sewing teacher, students with no sewing experience can find it very difficult to complete these assessments as they can be complex tasks within a small time frame.

When taught the foundations of sewing prior to their first high school assessments students enjoy their classes and generally do very well in these tasks as they can work independently. In our term classes at the college once the sewing foundations are covered students can move onto more technical skills. These skills often give students the confidence to select textiles as an elective in year 9 and 10 and may work on their projects in class. Students build their skills each term and many choose to undertake a textiles major work for their HSC work.

If you are a HSC textiles student, this class is a great way to lock in 2hrs a week out of school to work on your HSC major work. This eliminates students leaving it all until the last minute where panic can set in hindering your performance. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to come and learn this life skill in a no pressure fun environment. Sewing is a very valuable life skill as we are surrounded by clothing and textiles in our everyday life.

What to bring:

  • Bring your sewing machine if you have one (If you don’t its ok you can use the college machines)
  • 100m Guttermann polyester sew all thread in a colour that matches your project.
  • A spare bobbin for your machine ( if using class machines a clear Janome bobbin can be purchased at Spotlight
  • Bring a project to work on if you already have one in mind or there is a beginners learn to sew bag available if this is your first project please discuss with tutor by emailing her at fabricstreet@outlook.com
  • Glass head pins
  • Fabric Scissors

About the Tutor:

'I have accumulated over 25 years of extensive experience in the field of sewing. Teaching individuals of all skill levels brings me immense satisfaction, whether they are beginners taking their first steps in the world of sewing or advanced students seeking to enhance their skills further. I also enjoy teaching children’s classes and providing guidance to HSC students as they embark on their final textiles projects. My journey has been enriched by owning and operating my own sewing store. This venture has allowed me to access specialized training and delve into unique sewing skills and techniques while continuously pursuing training on various sewing machine brands and overlockers.

I am devoted and recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest sewing trends, techniques, and advancements in machinery. I constantly make a commitment to ongoing training and professional development that enables me to offer the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge to my students. Furthermore, I am a happy, fun, caring tutor that’s driven by the desire to preserve and invigorate the sewing industry for future generations to enjoy. My extensive experience, passion for teaching, constant pursuit of knowledge, and dedication to the sewing industry positions me as a reliable and enthusiastic guide on your sewing journey. Join me, Claudia, as we embark on a rewarding and fulfilling sewing adventure.' Claudia

Tutor Qualifications:

  • Certificate III in applied Fashion Design & Technology – Ultimo TAFE
  • Statement of attainment Screen printing – St George TAFE
  • NSW TEXStyle Teachers training Certificate – Technology Educators Association
  • Statement of attainment in History of fashion – Ultimo Tafe
  • Sewing Machine mechanic training level 1 and 2 – Husqvarna Viking
  • Overlockers Mechanic Technical training – Husqvarna Viking
  • SVP Technical Electronic Certificate – Husqvarna Viking
  • TCF Fashion Growth workshop – St George & Sutherland shire Business enterprise centre
  • Bachelor of Arts Components -UWS
  • Specialist workplace training Disabilities Category 1 – First Contact
  • Sign Language and the Deaf Community – Auslan 1

Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
  • All courses need a minimum number of students to run ("we try our hardest to get those") . If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled before the commencement and you will be informed.
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HSC Textiles/High School Sewing - Ages 12 - 18

<p><p>Does your child need help with their textiles work at school or would love to sew and get creative? This is a fun social class with a focus on building sewing skills and specialised techniques.


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