Modern Jive

Learn how to dance Modern Jive. Modern Jive is one of the easiest partner dance styles to learn. It is a smooth and stylish dance blending jive, ballroom, and swing moves in an easy pattern-based syllabus. This dance is enjoyed by all ages because it is danced to music from 40’s swing to modern chart Top 40 hits. With just a few dance lessons you will be dancing the night away and impressing your friends. No experience necessary for learning Modern Jive as we take you through all the steps to enjoy and learn a new skill.

All Modern Jive classes have a review class called the beginner progression class after the first freestyle section. For the second half of the night a teacher will go over
in more detail all your steps so please hang around to do your review class as it will help you retain what you just learned to grow in more confidence much faster.

Course Introduction:

  • 7:30 pm Building Blocks – a learning session incorporating fundamentals of rhythm, partnering & figures ultimately linking them in sequences
  • 8:30 pm Social dance time
  • 8:50 pm Play Time – a learning session incorporating higher-level skills & nuances of rhythm, partnering & more challenging sequences ultimately linking them in sequences
  • 9:50pm Social dance time until 10:30pm

Course Outline:

  • 5 minutes Warm-Up to help get you into the groove of dance
  • Review of any steps from the warm-up if required & try to music
  • 10 minutes on tips & drills to help you assimilate to dancing
  • Steady pace of learning 3-5 moves linked together in a freestyle routine based on a set syllabus for both line dance & couples partnering dance.
  • Review moves from the previous week, repeated to aid in the retention of moves
  • Topics include but are not limited to handholds, rhythm, timing, framework, connection, lead/follow techniques, styling, safety, footwork, etiquette, and floor craft
  • There are multiple teachers in each class to help guide you along and give someone on one attention where needed
  • Practice and guidance time in between each class and at the end of class

Learning Outcomes:

  • The ability to freestyle dance on your own or with a partner
  • Grow in confidence as an individual through dance
  • Learn the language of dance and understand how to communicate with another person on the dance floor
  • Get more aerobically fit
  • Understand how to listen to music as a dancer and enjoy it more

What to bring:

  • Please wear cool, casual, comfortable clothing along with comfortable shoes in which you can spin on a floor (such as leather or hard plastic soles, not rubber or sling-backs). The studio has beautiful floors so if you happen to own dance shoes, now’s the time to break them out.
  • A water bottle & workout towel

About the Tutor:

Shane & Keri are entertaining, fun, and versatile coaches with a background in everything from Ballroom to Ballet and Swing to Tap. They love to travel the world to share their passion for dance. Together they have placed in the Top 5 at the most prestigious international Swing Dance championships for eight years running holding two 2nd place titles and danced at the Invitational/Champion levels. Both Keri & Shane are highly praised for their approachable demeanor and the fact that they make it a point to socialise and promote an inclusive atmosphere wherever they may be. If you want to find out more have a look at their website'

Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
$160 Limited inc GST / $152
Modern Jive

<p><p>Learn how to dance Modern Jive. Modern Jive is one of the easiest partner dance styles to learn. It is a smooth and stylish dance blending jive, ballroom, and swing moves in an easy

Creative Kids – Minimum age for this course is 15

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.