Introduction to Astrology: Sun, Moon, Rising - New! St George & Sutherland Community College

Introduction to Astrology: Sun, Moon, Rising - New!

Learn how to construct your natal chart and go deeper into the meanings of Sun, Moon and rising in a natal chart. Learn to navigate your way around the basics of chart interpretation to discover psychological insights into patterns, behaviours and how these shape the multi -faceted aspects of our lives and interactions with others.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to astrology
  • The sun and its role
  • The moon and its role
  • What is the rising/ascendent and its role in astrology
  • Example of a celebrity chart to learn from and discuss
  • Learn how to draw your chart via Astro software on your device
  • Review your own chart via the 12 astrological signs and their archetypes
  • Q and A discussion on charts

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using your time, date and place of birth learn to construct your natal chart using free online calculator.
  • Learn to go beyond "sun sign astrology"
  • Navigate your way around natal chart interpretation via sun, moon, rising and what it means for yourself and others.

What to bring:

Please bring your own smartphone, tablet or laptop device

About the Tutor:

‘Join me, Amanda Mae on a fun and inspiring journey to your personal astrology chart. I will share my tips and tricks that I have learnt from my 20 years of devotion to astrology and reading at psychic centres around Sydney. I would love to connect with you on your journey with astrology and share my own tips to grow your understanding of astrology and explore chart interpretation with you.’

Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
  • All courses need a minimum number of students to run ("we try our hardest to get those") . If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled before the commencement and you will be informed.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.