Creative Photography in the Field St George & Sutherland Community College

Creative Photography in the Field

In this comprehensive course held over 3 x field trips, Neoklis will teach you Creative Photography, with his unique teaching style and learn how to master the fundamentals and principals of Creative Photography. This Short Course is held midweek / midday, and is very suitable for busy mums, dads, shift workers, retirees that would like to learn in the quieter hours in the field.

Skill Level:

This Photography Short Course is suitable for all levels of Photography, or for anyone that has done a basic Photography / Beginners / DSLR short course etc. It is advisable for students to have a good working knowledge of their camera controls, shutter and aperture settings.

You will be given professional, practical and one to one help, hone your Photographic skills, and learn in a relaxed but informative atmosphere, with an experienced Professional Photography.

What you will learn:

  • Week 1

Comprehensive camera set up
How to do Creative Photography
How to do Pure Photography
Aperture and Depth of Field
Understand lighting for Creative Photography – back light and front light

  • Week 2

How to set up camera ratios, use different focal lengths and magnification
How to observe and see for Photography – Previsualisation
Composition, Negative Space, Point of View – POV and Framing

  • Week 3

Capturing the Moment through Shutter speeds and Movement
Storytelling through Photography – How set up, and see and tell a story in Black and White and Colour

Dates and Locations and Getting there:

11 May 2023 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Camellia Gardens, Caringbah South

18 May 2023 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Whale and Canoe Sculptures, Kurnell

25 May 2023 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
North Cronulla Promenade and Beach

What to bring:

Camera Equipment;

  • Any adjustable digital DSLR / 4/3rds / Mirrorless camera, advanced digital compact camera with the following;
  • Adjustable apertures
  • Adjustable shutter speeds
  • Adjustable picture control / picture styles i.e. Adjustable Black and White and Colour settings
  • Batterie(s) charged and ready x 2 if you have them
  • Memory card(s) x 3 if you have them

Lens or lenses;
Please note; These field trips can be done with one camera and one lens; zoom or prime, whether interchangeable DSLR / optical / mirrorless / 4/3rds / compact digital camera.

Bring any lenses you have for this field trips;
Any prime len(es) if you have of any focal length;

  • (below are example focal lengths only) or lens type including;
  • Fisheye 15 mm etc
  • Wide angle 20mm / 28mm
  • Standard 35mm / 50mm etc
  • Telephoto 135mm / 200mm etc
  • Macro lens (incl tubes and close up filters) etc if you have them but not required

Any Zoom Lens or Zoom Lenses you have of any focal length;

  • 18 – 55mm, 18 – 135mm, 16 – 35mm, 28 to 80mm, 10 – 20mm, 40 – 150mm, 70 – 200mm etc
  • Any lens adaptors for your Digital Compact camera
  • Wide angle, standard, Telephoto, Fisheye etc
  • Filter; A circular polarizer known as a CPL if you have one
  • A tripod is not required for these field trips

Additional items:

  • It is strongly advisable to bring your ample water at least 1 × 600ml
  • Food, snacks, drinks etc,
  • Bug repellent
  • Note pad and pen
  • A towel for yourself and your camera
  • Mini umbrella (no large umbrellas for safety reasons)

Please be sure to pack any additional safety items you require

  • For your safety, a face mask is highly recommended especially for feedback
  • A handkerchief, Tissues
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser, Disposable gloves
  • Antibacterial wipes (camera) Camera (LCD) screen cleaner

What to wear:

Please wear sensible clothing depending on the weather conditions, any wet weather gear; jacket you might need etc / weatherproof shoes as these field trips will go ahead even if it is raining lightly. Footwear please wear sensible rubber grippy soled shoes, no smooth or open footwear.

Please Note:

Please note; General photography is permitted, but; (close-up photos of families / adults and especially identifying children under 18 years old should not be taken, or be published, unless a model waiver has been signed).

Parking fees / transport to and from, water, drinks, snacks, food etc are not included
Weather: please check for weather conditions, if a weather warning is forecast a field trip will be postponed to a future date

Getting there:

You must provide your own transport to and from all field trips, please always check road traffic, transport info for rail or bus information to ensure arrival on time.
Please note the public transport is not offered to all locations in this short course.

About the Tutor:

"My name is Neoklis Bloukos, and I have had a passion for Photography since I was 14 years old.

My experience of over 48 years in Photography includes; 25 years as a Press Photographer, over 19 years of Digital Photography & post processing, and now 8 years as a Professional Photography Tutor, teaching all levels of Photography.

I am very passionate about Photography, and I love to teach and share, my knowledge and practice of both classic and modern; Photography genres and techniques in the field, and I believe it is the most significant visual medium on this planet.

It is not just about teaching Photography, it is also about experiences with like-minded people, whom want to learn, share and enjoy the Photography learning experience together, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere."

h4. Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
  • All courses need a minimum number of students to run ("we try our hardest to get those"). If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled before the commencement and you will be informed.
$225 Limited inc GST
Creative Photography in the Field

<p><p>In this comprehensive course held over 3 x field trips, Neoklis will teach you Creative Photography, with his unique teaching style and learn how to master the fundamentals and principals of


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