Writing Workshops for Worried Writers

Bring your neglected words – your half-started, half-finished and even half-hearted writing attempts. Let’s breath fresh air into your clouded imaginations. Let’s infuse vitality into you and your writing and let’s finish that piece which has spent far too much time in your head. [Note: Participants must bring at least one piece of writing to work on. Participants will not have to read their writing to the class but must be willing to show work to the tutor.]

Course outline:

  • Confidentiality Contract – all story ideas and personal life histories revealed (in spoken or written word) will stay within the walls of the classroom and will not be discussed afterwards with family or friends.
  • Check the ABCs of your writing e.g.

Audience – is your language and writing style appropriate for your target group (children/young adult/adult).

  • Believability of characters and story-line – An audience will follow a character anywhere if they believe in the reason(s) why he /she is doing what he/she is doing (i.e. check that the audience knows the true motivation of your character).
  • Connection – the purpose of writing is to connect with an audience – to educate/entertain/engage/endear/entice. What’s your purpose and have you achieved it using the most effective and efficient writing tools and techniques?
  • Over the two workshops, other writing concepts from ‘D’ through to ‘Z’ will be used to inspire you as a writer and to uplift the quality of your work.

Planned Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Poets – leave with a completed poem or series of poems.
  • Short-story writers – leave with a completed short story or two.
  • Longer pieces – leave with the confidence to finish the memoir or story that’s been haunting the writer for years or decades.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.