Wine Tasting & Education

Have you just started to drink wine? Or maybe you have enjoyed wine for a while and want to learn a little more? Learn how we perceive wine and understand why you like the wines you do. Recognise the differences in varieties and styles, faults and causes. We will cover tasting wine and develop a wine vocabulary. You will gain an understanding of wine ageing, storage, decanting, food matching and winemaking processes. We will discuss the history of wine, and the effects of regions and climate on wine, during this 6 week course.

Each two-hour session will involve a brief lecture on various wine topics, wine tastings, discussion, questions and feedback.

Included in course cost:

  • All wines to be tasted and handout notes.


  • Session 1: Introduction, Course Outline, Sensory Perception of Wine, Describing Wine, Wine Tasting Method, Varietal Tasting – Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Session 2: History of Wine, Wine Naming Conventions, Wine Label Information, Wine Ageing Process, Wine Storage, Varietal Tasting – Riesling and Semillon
  • Session 3: Wine Regions, Wine Touring, Wine Tasting Order, Wine Faults, Wine Trends, Varietal Tasting – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir*
  • Session 4: Wine Buying Advice, Sparkling Wine Processes, Varieties Used for Sparkling Wine, Still Table Wine Processes, Varieties Used for Rose, Style Tasting – Sparkling and Rose
  • Session 5: Decanting, What Glasses and Why, Vintage Variation, Wine Blends, Varietal Tasting – Shiraz and Grenache
  • Session 6: Food and Wine Matching, Reading a Wine List, Wine Temperature, What Makes a Great Wine, Wine Options Game/Themed Dinners, Style Tasting – Dessert and Fortified Wines

What to bring:

  • 600mls of water and an apple to each session

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.