Ukulele Workshop

The ukulele is one of the most versatile stringed instruments around and is an excellent vehicle with which to become introduced to music, especially for the young student. You do not need to be able to read music, but will in fact become familiar with printed chord charts as well as learning a variety of strums and styles of playing. The student will very quickly be able to hear the result of his efforts in commencing to play simple tunes. A by-product of learning the ukulele is a developing interest and understanding of music. The student will learn a brief history of the ukulele and see the variety available. Also the ukulele is an inexpensive and easily managed, fun yet legitimate instrument for the beginner.

Course Outline:

  • The workshop format begins with a simple introduction to the sounds of a ukulele, the types of musical genres, styles of playing and strums. We show the several category types of ukulele and how they apply. We run through a brief history of the instrument starting at its beginnings in Hawaii right through its musical evolution to the present time.
  • Simple chord and fingering techniques are demonstrated and these are introduced to a song which we aim to have the student being adequately able to play at the end of the workshop. Additional chords will be added and worked around some more songs enabling the student to take away material he can work upon and practice further at home. All printed musical material will be supplied.
  • We follow a workshop agenda but allowance is given for flexibility according to the dynamic, areas of interest and ability of the class.
  • Information on how and where to access acceptable material off the internet will be given as well as listings of local and overseas ukulele clubs and identities. During the workshop short video clips will be shown on well-known and excellent exponents of the ukulele around the world.

  • The emphasis is on having fun and being given the knowledge of how to continue your learning experience by yourself. Ideally classes range between 5 and 20 students.

What to bring:

  • Students are required to bring their own Ukulele. A basic and pre-tuned and settled-in uke can be purchased from the tutor from $40.

Workshop Subjects:

  • Sounds and songs;
  • Musical styles through the years;
  • Ukulele styles and techniques;
  • The 4 basics types of ukulele;
  • Examples of the many makes, brands and structures of ukulele;
  • The history;
  • The performers;
  • Tuning the ukulele;
  • Holding the ukulele;
  • Simple chord shapes and techniques;
  • Tunes in various keys and the chords needed;
  • An understanding of the various chord groupings;
  • The basic strum;
  • Alternative strums;
  • Your first song;
  • Extending to other songs/styles;
  • What to find on the internet;
  • Where to further develop your interest.

Subjects 8 to 14 are introduced from early in the workshop with the earlier subjects scattered throughout the session to maintain interest and variety, as well as some of the practical aspects being repeated.

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