Turn Your Dreams into Goals - Create a Treasure Map

Treasure Mapping is the art of mapping out the steps to achieving a desired goal and creating an image to represent your goal in a completed state. We will work with your goals as they unfold at the first session and get specific on what it is exactly that you want to achieve. You will learn techniques to assist with the goal setting process and to visualise your goal as accomplished. From here you will create a Treasure Map of your desired goal. With what you will learn over these two sessions you will be able to continue this process on future goals at home.


  • To learn about Creative Visualisation and the benefits.
  • To learn the purpose and benefit of journaling.
  • To learn and experience a guided visualisation then journal about it.
  • Backwards goal setting
  • Getting clear with your chosen goal in words and create a vision.
  • To learn new skills and techniques to take home and use again and again.
  • To learn about Affirmations.
  • How to write them and use them.
  • To create a treasure map of their chosen goal – turning the goal into a vision – image.
  • To run through the process so that you can do this process for further goals at home.

What you need to bring:

  • Red pen + blue/black pen
  • A3 Visual Arts Diary with a spiral on the short side if possible.
  • Glue stick that will work on paper, card and fabric.
  • Scissors
  • Students are to start collecting images, pictures and words for their treasure map. Don’t restrict the images to one goal as you may come with a goal in mind and then change it. Don’t forget to include photos of yourself that you may want to use.

About your tutor:

'Hello! My name is Donna Francine Borrows and I specialise in Health and Lifestyle Management. My purpose is to create an awareness of the benefits of Relaxation and Mind Mastery by teaching skills and techniques to help others achieve a calm mind and relaxed body. My work is content free, flexible and efficient with an approach that is solution focused and goal orientated. I enjoy assisting others to become empowered individuals that are happy, healthy and successful in their chosen lives.'

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