Surviving the Silly Season

How do you manage the silly season? Do you mindlessly eat and drink your way through it? Struggle through some seasonal events or family gatherings? Make unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions? How do you feel a couple of weeks after New Year’s Eve? Would you like to manage this better? Learn how to survive and thrive through the events and gatherings? Set realistic and achievable outcomes without the remorse? At this workshop you will learn how to achieve your desired goals with knowledge and practical take home skills so that you can enjoy the season without the past regret or angst.

I will share the top 20 tips to assist you during the Silly Season. We will look at balance and how to attain it. How to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty, feeling as though you are missing out and what steps are required that will take you to the New Year and beyond feeling better than before. At the end of the workshop you will experience complete relaxation and all attendees will receive a recording of the relaxation so that you may continue this at home.

The outcomes for this session are to learn:

  • The top 20 tips for the Silly season.
  • How to manage your behaviour.
  • How to manage your expectations.
  • How to manage your responses to external stimuli.
  • The truths and falsehoods about diets and nutrition.
  • How to eat mindfully at social and family events.
  • How alcohol affects how our body processes and holds food.
  • How to eat the day before and the day after an event.
  • About proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
  • The steps to a stress-free Christmas and tools to manage it.
  • About the stress and weight correlation.
  • To experience complete relaxation and much more.

What to bring:

  • Pen and Paper

About your tutor:

'Hello! My name is Donna Francine Borrows and I specialise in Health and Lifestyle Management. My purpose is to create an awareness of the benefits of Relaxation and Mind Mastery by teaching skills and techniques to help others achieve a calm mind and relaxed body. My work is content free, flexible and efficient with an approach that is solution focused and goal orientated. I enjoy assisting others to become empowered individuals that are happy, healthy and successful in their chosen lives.'

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.