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Reiki - Level 1

Reiki Level 1 or Reiki First Degree opens the door to transforming yourself and your life and could be your first step to becoming a Reiki Master! This Level 1, or The Awakening, has a strong focus on yourself, your body and your energy system.

Hands on Reiki will provide deep relaxation and release of pain and stress. This Reiki 1 training is warm and relaxing like a massage but it is done with the clothes on. It helps people to sleep and recover from trauma and to release issues that are ready to let go. Students will also receive a Certificate.

What to bring:

Please bring a yoga mat or a blanket, a small pillow and a water bottle. Wear comfortable clothes.


  • Brief introduction to Reiki
  • Attunement that allows you to start practising Reiki
  • Give and receive one Reiki session
  • Steps on how to utilize the benefits for yourself
  • Class booklet for easy guidance and recall after class

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.