Photography for Beginners

Go beyond ‘Point and Shoot’ to capture images that are memorable and more pleasing. Use your digital SLR or advanced digital camera out of its auto setting. In these lessons you will be guided in setting up and using your camera properly. You will also learn the fundamentals and principles of photography. Learn to get the most out of your camera and how to capture and make your photographs truly creative and professional.


Week 1 Introduction, Set Up and Getting it sharp.
Week 2 Composition, framing, thirds & Point of View.
Week 3 Light, Exposure & using Flash and Night exposure.
Week 4 Portrait & Depth of Field.
Week 5 Portrait, family & group photography, using on and off camera flash.
Week 6 Action & shutter speeds, Panning and Zoom effects.
Week 7 Travel, Candid & Landscapes and panoramas.


  • Any adjustable digital camera; including DSLR, four thirds, superzoom cameras (also called bridge cameras), adjustable compact or adjustable compact system (hybrid/mirrorless), a digital camera with the following; Aperture mode A or AV, Shutter speed mode S or TV, Manual mode M, manual focus mode if possible but not necessary, all instructions and quick guides.
  • Your battery / camera charger, note pad and pen. A flashgun / tripod, only if you have either.

Please note:

An extra battery, and flash card are strongly advisable as you will be your using your camera, and reviewing your photographs frequently, during class lessons and exercises.

About the Tutor:

"My name is Neoklis Bloukos and I have had a passion for photography since I was 14 years old. With 43 years of experience with camera equipment, 25 years as a Press Photographer and 14 years of digital post processing, I am now a professional Photography Tutor, teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced photography at SGSCC.

I am passionate about photography and love to teach and share both classic and modern photography techniques, and believe it is the most significant visual medium on this planet.

My courses are not just about learning photography, but experiences with like-minded people whom want to learn, share and enjoy the photography learning experience together in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere." Neoklis

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