Photography for Beginners

Go beyond the ‘full auto’ or program setting on your camera, how to capture proper photographs, that are truly memorable, and more pleasing. Using your digital DSLR / Mirrorless / Four Thirds camera off its full auto / program setting; learn how to set up your camera properly; iso, image size, white balance, how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and how to focus and recompose properly and reviewing your photographs properly.

In this comprehensive course, you will learn the fundamentals and principles of photography including; Composition, Portraiture, Night and Travel Photography, Aperture and Depth of Field DOF, Shutter and Shutter speeds – freezing and blurring. Learn about digital post processing software and backing up, how to; Organise your photographs properly, physical drive / archival disk and cloud back ups. An introduction; on how to digitally post process your photographs in both RAW and JPEG formats, and free legitimate photo processing software.

Learn how to really get the most out of your camera, and using it properly – how to capture and really make your photographs truly creative and memorable. Learn from a Professional Photography Tutor, with over 44 years of Photography experience, in a relaxed, but informative atmosphere.

Course Outcome:

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals and principles of photography;
  • Focus properly and recompose
  • Composition
  • Portraiture
  • Night photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Aperture and Depth of Field – DOF
  • Shutter and Shutter speeds – freezing and blurring
  • Processing software and Backing up
  • To set up your camera properly; iso, image size and white balance
  • Reviewing your photographs properly

Course Outline:

  • Introduction, set up, focus and recompose, and getting it sharp
  • Point of View – POV, Composition and Negative space and Reviewing your photograph(s)
  • Light and exposure, Depth of Field and shutter speeds introduction
  • Portraiture & depth of field and Night Photography; Set up – iso and noise, long Exposures and Introduction to light painting
  • Portraiture, family & group photography, using on and off camera flash.
  • Action Photography; Motor drive set up, Focusing modes, shutter speeds slow to fast, Action photography – Freezing the moment and Panning
  • Travel photography – Our Photography Walk / mini field trip – Put into practice some of theory and exercises you have learnt so far. Is your kit ready? Backing up on the move. Photography equipment introduction; Memory cards, batteries, Lenses, Filters, Tripods, monopods, and shutter releases

Week 8 Introduction of how to post process your photographs digitally in RAW and JPEG and Introduction to free legitimate photo processing software. Organising your photographs and Physical drive, archival disk and cloud back ups

What to bring:

Please bring your camera instructions / guides;
In Paper Booklet form (preferable):

  • Your instruction manual
  • Your quick guide

and or
In digital form on your tablet or phone i.e. PDF format

  • Your instruction manual
  • Your quick guide

Camera Equipment;

Any adjustable digital camera; DSLR / 4/3rds / Mirrorless with;

  • JAW / JPEG image capability
  • djustable ISO / film speed settings
  • with adjustable exposure settings; shutter, aperture and manual exposure i.e. S or TV, A or AV and M,
  • with manual / auto focus capability
  • also if your camera has adjustable picture control / picture style settings i.e. monochrome standard, neutral etc
  • A spare camera body if you have one
  • Batterie(s) charged and ready x 2 if you have them
  • Memory card(s) x 2 if you have them

Please note; An extra battery, and memory card are strongly advisable as you will be your using your camera, and reviewing your photographs frequently, during class lessons and exercises.


Any Zoom lens(es) you have
18 – 55 mm , 18 – 135 mm , 16 – 35mm , 28 to 80 mm , 10 – 20mm , 40 – 150mm , 70 – 200 etc
and or any
Prime lens(es) if you have them 20 mm , 35 mm , 50 mm , 85mm , 135mm

What to wear:

As we will be doing some practical lessons outside the classroom;

  • Wet weather – Weatherproof clothing / weatherproof footwear / mini umbrella / rain jacket
  • Cool weather – Warm clothing; jacket / jumper / beanie / hat / scarf
  • Warmer weather – comfortable clothing / hat /sunglasses
NO LARGE UMBRELLAS for safety reasons Closed in footwear for your safety:


  • Sensible shoes / closed walking shoes / running shoes / hiking boots with rubber soles

Please (NO thongs / sandals / high heels etc)

Other additional items:

  • Bug repellent
  • A flashlight / LED torch
  • Water
  • Note pad and pen

Please note:

Students are encouraged to be familiar with their camera and its controls; the exterior buttons, switches, dials and lens switch(es) prior to the beginning of this course

Ensure your battery / batteries are fully charged whether they are half full or not, as your camera will be on for the entire first class lesson, and to charge your battery / batteries before each class.

Memory cards
An extra memory card is strongly advisable, the Tutor will advise students of what and how purchase a second / extra high quality memory card

About the Tutor:

"My name is Neoklis Bloukos, and I have had a passion for Photography since I was 14 years old, with over 44 years of experience in Photography and camera equipment, over 25 years of experience as a Press Photographer, and over 15 years of experience of Digital Post Processing.

I am now a Professional Photography Tutor, teaching Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Photography Courses, One Day Classes and bespoke Photography Field Trips including; Landscape, Macro, Night, Action, and Black and White Photography at SGSCC.

I am passionate about Photography, I love to teach and share both classic and modern Photography techniques, and believe it is the most significant visual medium on this planet.

My Courses, Field Trips and Classes, are not just about learning Photography, but experiences with like minded people, whom want to share and enjoy the experience of learning Photography together, in an formative, but relaxed and comfortable atmosphere." Neoklis

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Photography for Beginners

<p>Go beyond the ‘full auto’ or program setting on your camera, how to capture proper photographs, that are truly memorable, and more pleasing. Using your digital DSLR / Mirrorless / Four Thirds


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