Online Preparation for Selective High - Mathematical Reasoning

Please find below further descriptions of the course Mathematical Reasoning


Wednesday 4 August
Lesson 1 - Number and Calculations

Wednesday 11 Aug Lesson 2 - Missing Numbers

Wednesday 18 Aug Lesson 3 - Factors, Multiples and Remainders

Wednesday25 Aug Lesson 4 - Patterns

Wednesday 1 Sept Lesson 5 - Temperature, Mass and Length

Wednesday 8 Sept Lesson 6 - Areas and Volumes

Wednesday 15 Sept Lesson 7 - Time, Distance and Speed

Maths Wednesday, August 4 Numbers and Calculations Problem solving skills

  • Understanding and using important words in Maths

  • Averages

  • Quickest methods for performing operations by regrouping numbers

  • A variety of calculations (= - x ÷ ) involving whole numbers, decimals and fractions

  • The use of symbols to represent certain calculations

Maths Wednesday, August 11 Missing Numbers Problem Solving Skills

  • Order of operations

  • how to work backwards

  • magic squares

  • finding missing numbers to balance number sentences

  • finding missing numbers to balance other mathematical operations

  • Sums and differences of unitary fractions

Maths Wednesday, August 18 Factors, Multiples and Remainders Problem Solving Skills

  • factors

  • multiples

  • prime and composite numbers

  • highest common factor

  • lowest common factor

  • divisibilitytests

  • finding solutions when given the remainder after division

Maths Wednesday, August 25 Patterns

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Recognising and completing a diverse range of mathematical patterns

  • Finding repeated patterns in a problem in order to simplify and shorten calculations

  • Solving a variety of patterns with emphasis on fractions

  • Finding the sum of various patterns.

Maths Wednesday, September 1- Temperature, Mass and Length Problem Solving Skills

  • Converting mass and length to smaller and larger units

  • Perimeter of composite shapes

  • Circumference of a circle

  • Scale drawings

  • Finding temperature differences

Maths Wednesday, September 8 Areas and Volumes Problem Solving Skills

  • Calculating irregular areas

  • Surface areas of a prism

  • Volume and capacity

  • Essential units - sq m, sq cm and hectares

  • Converting units

  • Basic areas and volumes - rectangular prisms, rectangle and triangle

  • Calculating irregular volumes

Maths Wednesday, September 15 Time, Distance and Speed Problem Solving Skills

  • Important facts relating to time

  • Converting units of time

  • The relation between speed, distance and time

  • Converting speeds to different units

  • Average speed