Learn Japanese for Beginners

Did you know that Japanese is one of the most taught Asian languages in Australia? If you have an interest in its rich history, or would like to learn some basic conversation skills, then this Japanese beginners course is for you.

SGSCC Beginners Language courses are Entry Level, meaning no prior knowledge is required. These courses are geared to the potential tourist, business person and those wishing to improve communication with friends or family who have a non-English speaking background.

This language course is offered across 16 weeks (2 × 8-week terms).

Course description for Mayumi classes:

This is a very practical Japanese communication course for total beginners, offered in modules of 16 weeks (2 school terms). A communicative method is applied in this course and you will enjoy speaking Japanese from the very first day! A lot of interactive activities and actual classroom communication are used to develop your communication skills. Topics include greeting, thanks/sorry, repair strategies, introducing self & others, exchanging personal information, shopping etc. You will also learn the reading/writing of basic syllables and cultural information relevant to language use.
All course materials will be emailed to you on the first day. Please print them out and bring them to class from the 2nd week.

Course Outline:

How to greet people and introduce yourself to a group

  • Addressing adults
  • Greetings in a day
  • Greeting an old friend
  • Meeting someone for the first time
  • Greeting friend’s family
  • Introducing yourself & your friend/colleague
  • The body language when greeting & introducing people
  • Numbers, money, days of the week, food, shopping, directions
  • Other commonly used expressions

Going to Restaurant

  • Going for dining (inviting, planning)
  • Suggesting favourite cuisine (expressing desire)

Ordering Food

  • Meals/food
  • Ordering food & drink
  • Commenting on food
  • Making payment & asking for the receipt
  • Going back to the hotel

Shopping and Entertainment

  • Asking price at a convenience store
  • Duty-free shopping

At the Hotel

  • Need internet
  • Asking for a taxi
  • Asking when & where

Direction & Transportation

  • Asking way
  • In subway
  • Going to the Osaka castle

Getting Help

  • Asking for a doctor/ambulance
  • Looking for a police station
  • Other commonly used expressions

Office & Business

  • Asking for a drink in the office
  • Asking favour in office
  • When something is offered in the office
  • Presenting a sample (making comparisons)
  • Presenting a report/investigation (stating reasons)
  • Finishing up a presentation

General phrases & grammar techniques as a strong basis for further learning

  • Sentence structure, tense, particles, verbs, adjectives etc

A basic understanding of Japanese culture and lifestyle

  • Festival, seasons, holidays, sightseeing etc


  • You will need to purchase Getting started in Japanese ISBN 978-1-444-17474-8 beginners book
  • Pen and paper

Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
  • All courses need a minimum number of students to run ("we try our hardest to get those") . If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled before the commencement and you will be informed.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.