Learn French, Level 9+

This language course is offered in modules of 16 weeks (2 school terms). Acquire conversational skills in languages other than English. These courses are based primarily on the acquisition of conversational skills. These courses are geared to the potential tourist, business person and those wishing to improve communication with friends or family who have non-English speaking background. Discover the culture of each nation. Many courses require purchase of a text book.

This French Course is appropriate for students with more than at least 4 years of prior French learning. We focus on conversational French particularly, reinforcing past study and including discussions of current French – and world – issues and events, using authentic sources. Greater understanding of language structures and vocabulary expansion in context then lead to better French comprehension and confidence.

Level 9+, approximately 4 1/2 year’s prior learning of the language necessary.

Term 3 Dossier 1 – Je séduis (Alter Ego+, Book 3)


  • personality
  • feelings
  • personal descriptions

Language and Vocabulary:

  • relative and demonstrative pronouns
  • subjunctive mood
  • descriptive language
  • professional behaviour
  • personality traits

H4. Term 4:
Dossier 2 – J’achète


  • consumerism
  • shopper profiles
  • online shopping

Language and Vocabulary:

  • comparisons
  • compound relative pronouns
  • reported speech
  • internet terminology
  • negotiating and complaints


Please bring pen and paper.

New – Flexible Payment

Pay your Language Course Fee in four equal instalments:

  • 1st Payment Secures your enrolment – this can be paid at any time before the commencement of the course
  • 2nd Payment: Week 5 of 16
  • 3rd Payment: Week 8 of 16
  • 4th Payment: Week 12 of 16

Please contact the enrolments team on 9528 3344 to arrange your flexible payment plan.

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