Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is a complex subject and has little resemblance to anything you’ve seen in newspapers or magazines, which is more for light entertainment. It is a profound, lifelong study, however you can learn the basics in a very short time and start using this new skill in your own life for guidance and self-awareness. It’s a subject that has no end, so it’s something you can keep studying throughout your life, building on your previous knowledge once you have the basics.

In this introductory crash course which will cover the essential foundations, you will learn how to easily cast a natal chart (which is for the day, place and time of your birth) step by step using a free website. You will learn the symbols of the planets and signs, and simple key words for the planets, signs and 12 houses, as well as how to start overlaying these, and looking at the geometrical ‘aspects’ that planets make to each other in the chart, to create basic interpretations. We will examine how this all works in practice using your own charts in class.

The natal chart, or birth chart as it is also called, is a symbolic x ray of the psyche. It can reveal information such as aspects of character, subconscious patterns, parental and family relationships and dynamics, life challenges, historical trauma, innate talents, vocational propensity, relationships, childhood, past life themes, life lessons, as well as the general timing of transformations in life.

Course Outline:

Subjects covered:

  • Casting a natal chart using a free astrology website
  • The structure of the chart
  • The four angles (the cross of matter)
  • The 12 signs
  • The 12 houses
  • Sun, moon, planets and nodes
  • Aspects – conjunction, opposition, square, trine
  • Putting it all together (interpretation)

Learning Outcome:

Students will learn:

  • The symbols for the planets and signs
  • How to cast a natal chart for yourself, friends and family
  • The relationship between each of the 12 houses to the 12 signs and the ruling planets
  • How to look at a natal chart and see the main themes, areas of life that are highlighted, greatest challenges to be worked on, innate talents, theme of vocation, relationships, home, personality, health, life lessons, direction and purpose.

What to bring:

  • Notepad or A4 sheets of paper/typing paper or lined
  • Lead pencil and rubber
  • A4 loose leaf plastic folder. (You get these at the newsagents for a few dollars).
  • Small ruler
  • Pens, biros or artlines (black, blue, red)
  • Laptop, tablet or smart phone (for casting natal chart on line). Not essential if you don’t have one.

About the Tutor:

"My passion for Astrology was awakened at age 16 and I began formal study of the subject in my early 20’s. Over the years I studied with four schools, including gaining Certificates from The Humanistic College of Astrology and Sydney Astrology School. I also passed the Certificate exam with the Federation of Australian Astrology in the 1990’s. I practiced as an Astrological Counsellor on and off over the years in between various other interests and careers, working at Essential Energies near Manly Warf for 7 years, and also occasionally teaching Introduction to Astrology short courses. In recent years I set up Sydney Astrology Learning and Sharing Meetup group which I facilitated for over a year and a half. My other interests and vocations have including Art (painting), Art teaching, Primary school teaching, Belly Dance and Teaching, Psychotherapy, and writing and illustrating children’s educational books. I’m also a passionate animal rights activist and educator."


  • Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy
  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts)
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary)
  • Certificates in Astrology (College of Humanistic Astrology, Federation of Australian Astrologers and Sydney Astrology School)
  • Certificate in Rebirthing

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.