Diploma of Marketing and Communication - International

CRICOS Code: 0100181

Duration: 52 Weeks

What will you learn?

  • Plan and direct marketing activities
  • Develop and implement marketing plans
  • Create multichannel advertising campaigns
  • Interpret marketing trends
  • Undertake marketing project work

Rewarding and fulfilling career options include:

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Team Leader
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Product Manager

Delivery and assessment mode

  • Full time at Jannali
  • Assessments are competency based which means that you have to demonstrate that you are able to meet the performance criteria for each unit.
  • Assessment methods will vary including questions & answers, projects, role plays, presentations, portfolios, and observation.
  • Assessments will be completed in and outside of class time.
  • You should allow approximately 5-10 hours per week for self-study and out of class assessments.

Work Placement

This course offers a simulated learning environment within SGSCC.

Course entry requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Upper intermediate level of English (IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent)

Apply Now

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB52415.
  • Develop and implement crisis management plans (BSBPUB504)
  • Originate and develop concepts (BSBCRT501)
  • Develop a media plan (BSBADV507)
  • Plan and implement business-to-business marketing (BSBMKG519)
  • Implement and monitor marketing activities (BSBMKG514)
  • Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities (BSBMKG501)
  • Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan (BSBMKG523)
  • Interpret market trends and developments (BSBMKG507)
  • Develop a social media engagement plan (BSBMKG537)
  • Plan market research (BSBMKG506)
  • Undertake project work (BSBPMG522)
  • Devise a search engine optimisation strategy (BSBMKG535)