French, Level 5/6

If you have already studied French for approximately 2-3 years, this is a course intended for you. It offers revision of basic themes and consolidation of familiar French expressions and grammatical structures. You will build on previous skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing French, therefore extending your knowledge and understanding of the language. Discussion of cultural events and issues in French-speaking countries offers greater opportunities for oral interaction.

The book used is Alter Ego+, Book 1 – méthode de français (Hachette).

Agenda: The course is offered in modules of 16 weeks (2 × 8 week terms).

Term 1: Dossier 8 – Alter Ego+, Book 1 - Vivre en Ville?


  • City Shopping; Food; Dining in a City Restaurant; City/Country -Change

Language and Vocabulary:

  • Descriptions of food items
  • Use of en
  • French restaurants:
Descriptions (positive and negative) Ordering Reviewing meal and service experience, etc
  • Expressing memories – use of imperfect tense
  • Making comparisons
  • Terms linked to city or country living – differences, advantages and disadvantages, etc

Term 2: Dossier 9 – Alter Ego +, Book 1 – Lieux de Vie


  • Dream Houses, French Preferences; Alternative Lifestyles; Sharing Accommodation

Language and Vocabulary:

  • Descriptions of houses, rooms; moving house
  • Using imperfect, perfect or present tense, as well as use of depuis
  • Understanding rental advertisements; asking about house details and rules, etc
  • Understanding and/or formulating house rules
  • Describing flatmates
  • Revision of direct and indirect pronoun objects

Level 5/6, approximately 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 year’s prior learning of the language necessary.


Please bring pen and paper.

About our Tutors:

“As a French native I am passionate about teaching all things French and I believe learning French whilst having fun, practising conversations and participating in the class is the key to success in learning a new language.” Valerie

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