Food for Thought, Understanding Food for Your Mind and Body

The purpose of Food for Thought, Understanding Food for Your Mind and Body is to learn about nutrition and its importance. Nutrition plays a vital role in our everyday life and is integral for healthy weight management. Together we will review food labels, learning how to read them and understand them. Then we’ll learn what are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Expanding on this to discover the benefits of each of these food categories. We will look at what foods to eat to improve focus, concentration and memory and what is good for your skin, hair and nails. For that 3pm slump we will discuss the better options than the usual go to sugary treat. We will find different options that will perform better for you at slump time. Habits pretty much run our bodies and our minds. We will uncover how habits work and how to create new and lasting habits that serve you better. We will discuss the benefits of eating smaller portions more often. And how to aid your digestion and metabolism.
Finally we will cover goal setting, discussing the elements required to set a realistic and achievable goal and finish with some relaxation.

Please note: This is a safe and positive environment for learning. This session is purely to assist the attendees by providing the information to make informed choices and decisions to bring about their desired changes.

Course Outline:

The topics that we will cover are:

  • Food labels – what do they mean
  • Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats – what are they?
  • Benefits of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Eat for focus, concentration and memory
  • Eat for your hair, skin and nails
  • Plan your meals in advance
  • How food effects the metabolism
  • 3pm slump
  • Let’s talk Sugar
  • Emotional eating – know your triggers and patterns
  • Tools to help break the cycle
  • Is that what you really feel like eating? You might be surprised.
  • What is a habit?
  • Create better habits
  • Eat regularly. Smaller portions more often.
  • How to aid your digestion and metabolism
  • Setting goals
  • Relaxation

Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn how to read and understand food labels
  • To identify protein, carbohydrates and fat
  • Discover the benefits of protein, carbohydrates and fats
  • Examine what to eat to improve your mind and body
  • Learn the advantages of eating smaller portions more often
  • Understand sugar in all its forms and how it affects the mind and body
  • Address emotional eating triggers and patterns
  • Learn how to create better habits
  • Understand how we affect our digestion and metabolism
  • To appreciate the value of planning and goals

What to bring:

  • Pen and paper

About the Tutor:

'Hello! My name is Donna Francine Borrows. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I specialise in Health and Lifestyle Management. I have been working with Healthy Weight Management for the last 10 years and I have a great deal of personal experience with this particular topic. My approach is solution focused and goal orientated with the purpose to share my knowledge and experience to enable you to work towards achieving your healthy weight goals. I enjoy assisting others to become empowered individuals that are happy, healthy and successful in their chosen lives.'

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