Computer Basics Part 1

A beginner’s course to teach you how to use a computer. Learn to start and shut down a computer, operate a keyboard and mouse, manage files, start and application, and create, edit and print simple documents. In this course you will learn what a computer is, what it does, how to use it and how to maintain it.

No prior knowledge of computers required.
Course is classroom based and held in a computer room.
13 CPD points.

In this course you will learn:

  • Information such as the history of computers, basic concepts, the components of computers, computer jargon, operating systems, storage and how to connect computers
  • An understanding of Windows, menus, icons and dialogue boxes
  • How to use Windows Flip 3D to flip through multiple windows
  • An understanding of the elements and controls in a dialogue box and most commonly used desktop icons and how to select, move and arrange desktop icons
  • Data storage in Windows such as different storage devices, network connections, drives and personal folders
  • General file management such as the file list view, Navigation Pane to access drives, the address bar to navigate devices/folders or web pages
  • How to work with folders and files such as creating, renaming, moving, merging, copying, deleting and selecting folders and files whilst helping you understand folder and file associations
  • Using and handling discs
  • Printing options
  • General computer usage such as help and support centres, rests, breaks and exercises, setting up an ergonomic workstation, minimising paper and wastage and electronic file management

The Next Step:

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This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.