Ceramics by Hand

Enjoy a pottery class that provides you the opportunity to learn and practice ceramic techniques through project work and self-inspired work. This class is for beginner to intermediate students. By the end of this course students will have developed a strong base for continuing their artistic and therapeutic pursuits in clay. First bag of clay included in cost.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Coilbuilding Pinchpots – Getting to know the material and learning clay joining techniques by making a small sculpture of an animal first. Using texture to imprint on clay with found objects. Use under glazes to decorate.

Week 2: Slabbulding and Press Moulds construction – learning to flatten the clay out and build with support moulds as well as newspaper. Creating functional pottery with plates and bowl shape plaster moulds. Use under glaze to colour and decorate.

Week 3: First firing of Greenware work into Bisque 1000 Degrees - Students can then create another project of their choosing.

Week 4: The first firing of work will be ready to learn how to glaze and colour the work - get ready for the second firing of Glaze 1100 degrees.

Week 5: Slipcast a Soft Toy – using liquid clay – also students finishing off personal work.

Week 6: Working on projects and first firing of bisque again

Week 7: Finalising projects

Week 8: Work to be complete or ready for final firing - glaze

What to bring:

  • Apron
  • Plastic bags
  • Newspapers and pictures of inspirational things they would like to make
  • Drink bottle

Art Supplies Discount:

As an added bonus for learning Art with SGSCC, all enrolled students are entitled to a generous 10% discount off the purchase of art supplies when they shop instore at Eckersley’s Art & Craft, Taren Point!
View Eckersley's Website for product ideas.

What students are saying:

"Maryann is a really supportive teacher. I am not someone who identifies with being ‘creatively talented’ but had wanted to try ceramics for about 20 years. I lose myself for 2 hours each week – creating with no expectations or judgement. I do not make intricate pieces or use advanced techniques, but the freedom a lump of clay provides for my mind and fingers is like nothing I have known. I have shared the benefits of learning something really new and ‘out of your comfort zone’ with many of my colleagues. Thank you for providing the opportunity. Juanita"

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