Ayurveda - Yoga Wisdom for Healthy Eating

Join us at SGSCC and join us for Ayurveda Workshop. Discover Ayurveda, a nature-based holistic approach to health and healing. An ancient sister science to yoga that is empowering, restorative, and practical. Some say we are what we eat and Ayurveda says “we are what we digest”. If there are events in our life that are hard to digest on the mental or emotional level of our being then Ayurveda describes that this can affect us via illnesses in our own physical body. Our thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle choices have an impact on the amount of wellness we experience in life or the lack of it.

Ayurveda can support your healing power and during this workshop, we will explore how our food choices according to our unique body constitution can bring about improved balance in our body and revive our sense of well-being. Veda means “knowledge or wisdom” and Ayur means " life. So Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”. Ayurveda health system looks at each person as an individual and tailors a wellness program specifically to the individuals' needs.

Course Outline:

  • Explore the wisdom of Ayurveda
  • Learn about the influences your lifestyle, emotions, habits, attitude, and tastes have on your inner mental and physical health
  • Discovering your Ayurvedic body type and eating your way to good health and balance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of Ayurveda body types, food for balance, healing, and wellness
  • Awareness of adaptive practices to enhance daily life and vitality

What to bring:

  • Notepad and coloured pens

About the Tutor:

Krsnangi is an experienced Hatha yoga teacher who has integrated Yoga and Ayurveda into her lifestyle for almost 30 years. Krsnangi is passionate about sharing Vedic wisdom for empowered living. Krsnangi draws from her own experience of a health crisis and transforming her health through a combination of Yoga and Ayurveda. She generously shares her insights, and makes the at times complex knowledge, simple to understand and practical to apply in daily life.

Other Information:

  • To ensure resources are ready for you at the start of your course, we ask you ideally enrol at least one week before the course commences.
  • All courses need a minimum number of students to run ("we try our hardest to get those") . If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled before the commencement and you will be informed.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.