Art as Therapy

Creative Art Therapy is being utilised more commonly as a form of mindfulness and relaxation. The ability to tap into your inner-self and creatively express thoughts, emotions and feelings in colour and imagery is of great therapeutic benefit. The actual process for creating works of art (or anything creative) is highly beneficial mentally and physically, as we respond by relaxing and finding inner peace or equilibrium in what is being produced whilst having some fun in the process.

“Art as Therapy” utilises foundations and concepts of Art Therapy blending it within a broader more simplistic user-friendly framework suitable for individuals wanting to connect with their inner creative-expressive side, without the hang-ups of being an artist. Focusing on a process of creating enjoyable art and a personalised creative self-care tool kit, utilising mixed media and techniques.

Note: This program is NOT a Counselling Art Therapy program.

Course outline:

The program aims to start participants on a journey of finding their creative self through authentic self-expression through utilising the following:

  • Structured Art Therapy creative activities enabling individuals to connect with their inner creative self.
  • Using simple fun artwork techniques such as drawing, doodling, painting, collage and creative journalling. as a way of expressing feelings and emotions and learning to relax and de-stress in the process.

Topics areas will include:

  • Managing Stress Creatively- The Mind-Body Connection.
  • Understanding Self-Care & creating a personal Self-Care Tool Kit
  • Colour and Emotions (Uplifting through Colour)
  • Creative Journalling

Learning outcome:

  • Each session will have key objectives to achieve at the conclusion, however, it is entirely up to participants how much of it is achieved. It is meant to be self-driven and self-actualising, however participants have the benefit of having each session facilitated and are guided accordingly. There may be some additional work required to be done at home prior to the following session.
  • Practice mindfulness and easy relaxation breathing techniques with guided visualisations and short meditations. Soft/relaxing music will be utilised in each session.Creating personalised Self-Care Toolkits to use on a day to day basis to help identify ways to relax, de-stress, recharge, emotionally vent and uplift.
  • There will be focus on hands on creating as well as group discussion and sharing as well as reflection time in each workshop session.

What to bring:

In most sessions all materials will be provided by Tutor unless instructed. Participants may wish to bring their own:

  • Writing pens/pencils, note paper or note book A4 preferable.
  • Coloured pencils/ watercolour pencil/crayons
  • Felt pens or markers, gel pens (non-toxic)
  • A4 size envelope folder or display book for storing handouts and art work.

Art Supplies Discount:

As an added bonus for learning Art with SGSCC, all enrolled students are entitled to a generous 10% discount off the purchase of art supplies when they shop instore at Eckersley’s Art & Craft, Taren Point!
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About the tutor:

Melissa (Mel) Martin is a contemporary artist, practicing Art Therapy and is a Champion of Change, who has taken her interests and professional training in People Management/Organisational Psychology, and Art Therapy to a new level of experiencing self- awareness. Mel runs local creative art classes/workshops through Learning and Community Centres as well as privately, where she explores with small groups their true selves and the potential they have and the fear that is holding them back.
Offering a varied range of personalised Creative Art Services from Art Therapy and Mindfulness practices, exploring a range of mixed media art techniques and tools to facilitate imaginative fun and creative expression, which can facilitate team building opportunities, reduce stress, improve confidence, compassion, problem solving skills, workflow and life balance.


Art Therapy Diploma, Health & Harmony College, QLD.
BSc (Psychology), UNSW.
Change Management Post Graduate Diploma, CSU.
HR Management Certificate, Sydney University.
Member -International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
Working With Children Check Approved. Services NSW.

$125 Limited inc GST
Art as Therapy

<p>Creative Art Therapy is being utilised more commonly as a form of mindfulness and relaxation. The ability to tap into your inner-self and creatively express thoughts, emotions and feelings in


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